A family of producers-distillers

" Our family has lived in the hamlet that bears his name since the Middle Ages, picking wild lavender before starting to distill lavender flower in 1895. Since then, 5 generations have succeeded one another, developing the company, innovating in the harvesting and distillation processes to constantly improve the quality of the products.
As farmers, distillers and traders, we are passionate about lavender, which produces an essential oil with multiple virtues.
By opening the doors of our company, we invite you to understand our profession as distillers and share our know-how
Veronique Agnel
The story of a family

That of the Agnel family, who has lived in this hamlet since medieval times. Cutters of wild lavender since the 18th century, they began distilling their harvest in 1895, when Julien Isidore installed a 500-liter open-fire still.

Over the years, 5 generations succeeded one another. Thanks to their know-how, they developed innovative processes that have become world standards and increased their production capacity of essential oils, supplying a range of perfumers with an oil renowned for its quality.

Histoire Agnel
Bio Agnel
Histoire Agnel
Bio Agnel
An organic farming estate

The fields of the domain stretch across the hills above Apt, from the distillery to the « Claparèdes plateau », in the heart of the most beautiful landscapes of the Luberon Regional Nature Park. Today, on the 50-hectare estate, Véronique Agnel grows several varieties of lavender and aromatic plants, which she distills throughout the seasons.

The Agnels distillery distills its own production of lavender, lavandin, rosemary... as well as that of local farmers.

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